Cedar River Yoga was established in 2014 out of a desire to marry the knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics with the transformative power of yoga. Group and private classes, along with special workshops and events are offered throughout the year.

While not meant to be a substitute for in-person teaching and real life human contact, these online offerings were created to supplement and facilitate your home practice. You may not be able to make it to your local studio. You may not live in an area with regular access to quality teaching. You may prefer to practice alone. But you still want to experience the possibilities of Yoga. For all of those reasons and more, Cedar River Yoga Online was born.
With these classes you will not receive the visual cues, hands-on assists, or personalized attention of a regular public or private yoga class, but you will be guided clearly and carefully, with precise cueing and deliberate intention towards a complete, effective practice. 

Plus you get a chance to refine your listening skills ;)

What to expect from the classes: 

A healthy balance of consistency and variability. All classes are rooted in alignment, simplicity, and accessibility. Each 'type' of class (i.e. deep, hatha, flow) has its own skeleton framework/sequence, although the specific elements of each individual practice may change. 
Regardless of the pace and style of class you choose, there will always be a focus on synergizing movement with breath, while still allowing time in each posture for depth of experience to occur.
The classes will often incorporate a purposeful theme so that you end the practice feeling aligned and connected, and with tools to apply your yoga to the rest of your life.

Note: All downloadable products are raw, uncut, unrehearsed recordings of live group classes that have taken place in the studio. They are real (i.e. not flawless), and it is our hope that you feel part of a bigger movement, even while listening at home.

About the teacher:

Natasha Papachristoforou has been a student of yoga since 2005. She has been a student of movement since she was born!

After obtaining her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy through Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, she enrolled in her first teacher training with Moksha Yoga International (Ted Grand and Jess Robertson) in 2012. One year later she dived into the art and science of teaching vinyasa yoga with One Yoga (Ryan Leier). She is dedicated to ongoing personal and professional development by participating in trainings, conferences, courses, and workshops every year. She is ever grateful for all of the opportunities she has been privileged to experience, and for the countless teachers that have crossed her path and touched it. Cedar River Yoga is her humble attempt to pay it forward.